Phil Spencer urges fans to see games performing before pre-ordering Scorpio


I am known for my fervent hatred for the concept of pre-ordering. I somewhat understand why it makes sense from a business standpoint, but the culture that has resulted from the practice has been nothing short of nauseating. It’s a publisher-centric move and it, by design, is a major risk that consumers are taking. There has been a distinct lack of self-awareness involved as well, with publishers being seemingly oblivious of how people are against the practice and just keep carrying on like nothing is the matter. So, it’s refreshing when you see a bit of humility when it comes to pre-orders.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division, was responding to fans on Twitter regarding the Scorpio that is going to upon us soon. A fan asked when they can pre-order the console and this was Spencer’s response:


Would you look at that, the head of a major console manufacturer advising caution before pre-ordering. I must have stepped into some kind of parallel universe. It may not be as heroic as I make it out to be, but Spencer is still urging us to see the console in action, get all of the necessary information and then make the decision whether we want to buy it or not. I may disagree with some of Xbox’s practices and the Scorpio has a lot of caveats floating around it, but I can respect that the people behind it want to earn your loyalty first before trying to sell to you.

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