Video: Get a more detailed look at Double Dragon IV


You would have to be from a bygone era to get any excitement out of the two words ‘Double Dragon’. Unless you’re in your mid 30s or older it’ll likely mean very little to you. Double Dragon was once the go-to arcade game for many kids around South Africa in the mid 80s, this title ported to various consoles including the NES that saw Double Dragon II and III being released for it. Double Dragon IV takes place after II, and will head to PC on 31 January. We’re expecting it to launch on PS4 soon thereafter.

As with most titles based on this era Billy and Jimmy are attached by a mysterious group of renegades that forces them to take part in multiple street fights to resolve the matter. Expect 2-player co-op, a 2-player Duel Mode and Tower mode. In Tower mode you’ll unlock extra characters that can be used in all the other modes. If you’re a fan of Double Dragon 2 on the NES then you should definitely consider this when it launches on PC tomorrow, or later on PS4:

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