The For Honor Open Beta will be available 9 – 12 February

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The For Honor Closed Beta ran this past weekend, and with that came the news that the Open Beta will start on 9 February and run through to 12 February, just two days before its Valentine’s day launch.

There’s not much news on what is on offer for the Open Beta, but I’m pretty sure it will be much the same as what was available to try out in the Closed Beta, which I had to opportunity to try out. For Honor does have a single player mode, but I doubt it will be available in the Open Beta. You can expect the multiplayer modes to be featured, such as Dominion, Dual, Brawl or Deathmatch.

The closed Beta did have some serious server issues, and the tests running the weekend before launch will give a very good indication whether the problems have been resolved. For Honor has a unique and interesting concept and, if executed properly, has the potential to be a really great game.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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