Don’t believe the lies. Fallout: New Vegas 2 is not coming.


If you by chance opened up your Facebook feed to see the shining news that the eagerly awaited Fallout: New Vegas 2 was confirmed, well I got some bad news for you. Kotaku has confirmed through developer Obsidian that this entire story is a façade, a lie, a bamboozle or an “Alternative fact”.

Now, the fact that this has to be stated as a lie is the more shocking part. The rumour has hit r/games subreddit and began to spread though Facebook and Twitter like a bad virus. If you were just to pay a bit of attention you might have realised it was bogus from the outset. Kotaku did a fantastic write up about how this whole fiasco began but at its core, we can summarise this is fake news.

It all started with a website called Fraghero, who originally touted the story, was the original push into the madness. Their article laid out how the game was to be unveiled during E3, Obsidian would be involved and I quote “We’ll go f*cking nuts, and run around naked in the streets with joy”. Charming, isn’t it?

Now it is not right of me or anyone immediately dismiss a website writing about rumours as bogus entities. Sometimes we can all get it wrong and it’s important to admit that and rectify our mistakes as the press through follow ups and updates.

Yet Fraghero opens itself up for question well before this story began and how they handle rumours and news stories. Not only were articles edited after publication with no follow up or announcement in order to match what actually transpired, but looking at their track record puts up some read flags. From stories about the Cancellation of GTA 6 and announcements of features in games that don’t actually exist like the aforementioned GTA 6 and the Elder Scrolls VI.

With the rise of “fake news” being a huge point of concern in the political world, it is important to remember to check your news sources and note if they are trustworthy. Mistakes happen but Fraghero is not one outlet that treats its audience with respect. Always a good idea to see how the story is trending amongst other outlets before jumping on the “Oh mah gwad hype” train. Even the history of the website should have been indication enough.

It does not take long to confirm a story through other websites or sources. It is never a good idea to become part of the cycle that spreads disinformation.

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