Rumour: Final Fantasy XV might be heading to PC

Final Fanatsy 15 PC
Final Fantasy games have for the most part been console exclusive with exception of one or two titles over the decades. The latest entry in the series – Final Fantasy XV was met with praise from fans and critics alike. However, our PC brethren would have missed out on the fun as the game was only released for console. Well it looks like all hope is not lost as Director Hajime Tabata has discussed a possible PC port of Final Fantasy XV, and he seems really interested in the prospect.

Tabata said he really would like people to see Final Fantasy XV running on a high-end machine and he also would like to open the game up to modders. Don’t expect the PC version anytime soon however, as Tabata said developing a PC version could take more than a year in order to “provide a better version”. Final Fantasy XV already looks amazing on console so to see it running on a high-end rig would be truly something impressive.


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