For Honor won’t be getting early reviews

For Honor review late1

Ubisoft announced that reviewers won’t be getting early access to the upcoming For Honor, which releases on 14 February 2016. Ubisoft says the reason for this is the open Beta that will keep the servers busy from 9 to 12 February. They did however say that reviewers will be able to pre-load the game, but access will be restricted until the game launches.

This is a bit of a worrying trend that’s rearing its head in the industry. Last year Bethesda announced that they won’t be giving reviewers early access to new games before launch. They did release two very good games in the form of DOOM and Dishonored 2, but no one had early access to the games, and consumers had to trust that the games are good without any third-party neutral opinions.

Luckily, the games were well received, but it does set a dangerous precedent, where other publishers follow suite,releasing poor games, catching some off guard. Hopefully I’m just being paranoid, and this is just a once off thing for For Honor. From what we’ve seen of the game, it looks promising, so we have nothing to worry about. Right?

Source: PushSquare

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