Fire Emblem Heroes to receive regular updates


I have been addicted to Nintendo’s mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes since it released last week. The game not only fulfills the Fire Emblem emptiness I’ve had since Fire Emblem Fates but also with it being on mobile it means I can play any place at any time with one hand. Yes the convenience adds to the addiction. The gotcha mechanic is not as bad as I thought it would be either, as I’ve not yet spent any real world currency, although summoning heroes can be tempting. The game houses over 200 heroes but the catch is that when summoning heroes, which are at different stars 1-5 (rarity), is completely randomised. There is a good possibility that you might even summon duplicates of the same heroes. Don’t fret though as each summon should have varied stats even if they are the same character.

I have in fact been enjoying the game so much that I’ve been limiting myself as to how many quests I should play a day so to stretch the experience. However that limitation might be for naught, and this is a good thing! Nintendo has hinted that there will be regular updates for the game including new characters, stories and game modes. In a recent interview with the director, Kouhei Maeda, the following was revealed:

[quote]We plan to add new stories continually after release, at a pace of about two a month or one every two weeks. We also plan to add things like new characters and skills, as well as new game modes that go in different directions from the current gameplay.[/quote]

Nintendo has also expressed that they will keep their hands on Fire Emblem Heroes for as long as fans have interest in it. With the games popularity and so many fans across the world enjoying the game this is great news for the future of this mobile game.

Source: DualSHOCKERS

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