Overwatch getting CTF and Custom Server list in next patch


With the Year of the Rooster event in Overwatch coming to a close in a week, one of the biggest questions was whether Capture the Rooster (Capture the Flag) would remain in some way. Despite early indications that it would be only limited to the event, apparently enough players were clamouring for it.

In a Developers Update video, which you can find below, Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, announced that Capture the Flag would be available as a Custom Game. Kaplan confirmed that nine maps have been converted to match the new mode.

The other addition to the next patch will be the inclusion of a Server Browser. Announced at Blizzcon, the feature is finally ready for public consumption. Players will be able to create and find custom games. He made sure to specify that these lists will be region specific. These custom rulesets can go to very specific elements. As Kaplan explained, players can select which map they want to play on, timing on certain elements within games and even banning heroes. He goes so far as to include some pretty specific and interesting examples that should be interesting. Another important note is that players will still gain experience from these custom maps.

Kaplan noted how Blizzard will be looking out at what custom modes. Based on the history with Blizzard and Custom Games, it would be best to note what players are moving towards. Let’s not forget how DotA and Tower Defence both originated from Warcraft 3 through the map editor. While the depth is nowhere near the same, it could still be telling of the current player base.

As for Capture the Flag, while the mode is a welcomed edition and should make most players very happy. The mode became one of the most successful Arcade features. I hope they do some fixing up for the big release. Capture the Rooster felt bland at times with the map leading to similar playout and common stalemates.  The real shining element is that custom sever list. Leave it up to the community to really push out some amazing content. In the meantime, you better go get that D.Va skin, you only got about a week left for all those Year of the Rooster costumes.

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