Video: Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta quick look

Wildlands BETA quick look
This past weekend saw the closed beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands take place and we were all geared up and ready to take on the Santa Blanca cartel. We got a code for PS4 and I must say that the beta surprised me because I din’t think I would enjoy myself as much as I did. It’s not often I find myself still playing a beta past the 5-hour mark but with Wildlands I just didn’t want to put the controller down. The game feels like a mix between Farcry, GTA and The Division and the end result feels really good.

I captured some footage for you guys below of me attempting two different side quest missions and I tried to show off as much of the game as I could in 7 minutes. If you like the style of the video I can do longer versions so let me know your thoughts below? Also let us know what you think of the game so far?

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