Kolin brings the cool to Street Fighter V


It’s been quite a while since Akuma joined the cast of Street Fighter V and while Capcom has pushed the Season 2 DLC pass for the game, they haven’t really shown much of what’s included. We knew it would include Akuma and four other completely new characters but we’re going to need to know a little more than that to be fully sold, Capcom. Well, we finally got a look at the next playable character for the game and it’s exactly who the community expected: Gill’s assistant Kolin.

Kolin first appeared in Street Fighter III but we only got to really know her in the story mode of Street Fighter V. The secretary to the head of the Illuminati, the phantasm of snow and ice Kolin, will be added to Street Fighter V on the 28th of February and will be playable at Lupe Fiasco’s DROGAS Light album launch party on the 15th. It may seem strange having Kolin revealed with Lupe’s latest track but considering how big of a Street Fighter fan the rapper is, it might be a dream come true for him being so involved in the latest entry in the series.

Even though it’s exciting to be getting a completely new character in Street Fighter V, the direction Capcom has taken the game has lost a lot of favour with the Street Fighter community. In an effort to make the game more accessible they have taken away a lot of things that gave Street Fighter a soul, causing fans to lose interest in the game. Capcom have announced that they will also release a balance update in March to address some of these issues but given how the last balance update went it’s going to be interesting to see how things turn out and what happens to Street Fighter V in its second year.

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