Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3 million units worldwide

Resi 7 header
Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard has been praised by critics and fans for taking the series back to its survival horror roots that made the franchise so popular to start with. The rave reviews have helped ship 3 million copies of the game worldwide, which is a massive number for a Resident Evil game. What might have also helped the sales is that it released the same time as the new Resident Evil movie – Resident Evil – The Final Chapter, though we can’t think that it inspired anyone to buy it after watching it. That said, the movie has made over a billion dollars making it the most successful movie based on a game.

I think it is a massive achievement for both the movie and the game to hit those kind of sales numbers. Resident Evil 7 also supports VR which I hear is absolutely terrifying and after playing the game I can tell you that I will never be giving the VR version a go for fear of nightmares for the rest of my adult life.


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