Conan Exiles made back its development cost in one week

Conan Exiles is making a lot of headway lately, especially after showing us the customisable genitalia in the main character. The latest bit of good news comes from the development team, Funcom. They’ve recently shared with the world that their development costs for the Early Access game have been made after just one week on Steam.

This is huge for the team, as they’ve struggled to find success in the past. According to their blog, they’ve sold over 320 000 units already. The CEO, Rui Casias, also had a lot of positive things to say.

[quote]Funcom has gone through some challenging times in recent years and seeing the game we have poured so much time and effort into gain this amount of traction so quickly is very invigorating for everyone who works here.

This is just the start of the Early Access adventure and we will do whatever it takes to make sure Conan Exiles turns into a fully-fledged game that has something to offer new and old fans of both Conan and survival games.[/quote]

Source: Eurogamer

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