Need more horror in your diet? Have some Perception

The developers of the likes of BioShock and Dead Space have been working on a horror title Perception, and it’s coming to Xbox One. In the game you play as Cassie, a blind woman who explores an ominous mansion using Daredevil type vision.

With her echolocation she converts sound into visual cues with which she navigates her way around the mansion. This adds to the atmosphere of the game which is a key component for an immersive horror game. With just a walking stick and a smartphone at your disposal,  you’re left with your wits to outsmart a ghostly presence. I can’t imagine getting into a brawl with any of the creatures you may encounter, so probably more of a stealth and trickery strategy to be enforced.

Perception was previously announced for release on PlayStation 4 and PC with no specific release date just yet. It’s an interesting take on the horror genre, with the lack of vision and limited resources at your disposal, this one could be something on everyone’s radar, or lost in your blind spot.


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