The team that brought us FTL have their eyes set on a tactics game

Have you played FTL: Faster Than Light? You should. It is a rogue-like game where you are in control of a spaceship. Imagine being Captain Kirk, calling the shots and then hoping your crew survive whatever grim nastiness appears based on your choices.

If you have played FTL you know the kind of rabid madness and fun that comes from trying to pilot away from certain doom, heading towards err… mostly certain doom with a smattering of hope. Now Subset Games has just announced a new game, a pixel art turn-based game called Into the Breach.

Instead of following the fantasy themes of Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem, Into the Breach give you control of mechs and their pilots in a sci-fi adventure involving a procedurally generated world.

Get ready to defend your civilian buildings, go scouting for more powerful weapons and new pilots and some time-travelling shenanigans too.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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