Updated: Nintendo has stopped producing the NES Mini Classic

Update: Good news, Nintendo has come through with a statement and claimed that this is indeed a false rumour:

[quote]Production for the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES continues, and NOE [Nintendo of Europe] will continue to ship units to retail on a regular basis,” said a Nintendo UK representative[/quote]

Original: Rumours are silly things – it’s either real and you should be worried, or it’s some random rubbish people made up. Thing is that when it comes to the games industry rumours are more often than not correct, and the next rumour is going to worry those of you still trying to get your hands on the NES Mini Classic, as rumour has it that Nintendo stopped all production of it.

This comes via a Norwegian retailer who posted the news on Facebook. Spillsjappa posted the following comment:

[quote]It’s official now.
Nes Classic has expired from sortimentet to Nordic Nintendo importer bergsala ab.
This is tragic for us and our clients when they won’t fulllevere order we let in July 2016.
There will be deliveries in March and April and then it’s over 🙁
We will contact everyone standing in line with us and those who sat in line last will get the sad news by email first.
We will still follow queue to the letter and of course those who’s first at all times will get delivered first.
We can only regret this when we first knew we soon be able to deliver to everyone and then came kontrabeskjeden that way it won’t be.[/quote]

Before you get a mini heart attack, we’re aware that South Africa are also included in the March/April shipment, so you’ll still have a small chance to get your hands on the very popular hardware. You’ll just have to be very quick.

For the rest – sorry. Why did they do this? Well, since launch people have hacked it to smithereens and with their aim to make money off NES games, via the up-and-coming Switch launch, this would harm their business model.

Nintendo are yet to officially announce anything.

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