Video: Does boost mode on PS4 Pro really improve your games?

The PS4 quietly rolled out a new feature called boost mode in the recent 4.50 beta (expected later this year for everyone else) that allows you to get better performance out of some older games like The Witcher 3, Bloodborn and Batman: Arkham Knight on your PS4 Pro. The question is, what kind of difference does it make to these older games, if any at all? Well the good folks at Digital Foundry have taken a few of the biggest games from the last couple of years and ran them through some frame rate tests. So which games saw the biggest improvements in frame rate? Well the below test might surprise you as well as disappoint you because some games that really needed the boost, such as Bloodborn, didn’t really see a significant improvement.

The update that let’s you enable boost mode is the 4.50, which is currently in beta. The update will also finally allow for the use of external hardrives on your PS4 – what a good day that will be when it comes out. No date yet for when the 4.50 update will go live, but we should see it in the next couple of weeks.

Below are other tests they ran along with various mixed results:

Source: Digital Foundry

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