Video: Injustice 2 gets down and dirty with a Swamp Thing reveal

Well, it’s definitely reveal season for Injustice 2 and it looks like we might be getting a new character revealed every week. Last week saw the reveal of Black Canary and this week we’re getting our first look at the humanoid plant elemental Swamp Thing.

[quote]The living elemental, Swamp Thing is the protector of all plant life, what he refers to as “the Green.” As the violent affairs of humanity threaten to impact fauna worldwide, Swamp Thing prepares his return to the fray to defend “the Green” from destruction.[/quote]

Swamp Thing’s reveal trailer was once again released on IGN and shows off what nature’s wrath has to offer.

While not much was shown off in the way of combos, Swamp Thing’s moves look quite interesting and versatile. From whipping with vines to pulling his opponents into the earth, Swamp Thing looks absolutely incredible in Injustice 2. On top of Swamp Thing looking great in this trailer, Robin also gets a bit of time to shine before having the stuffing beaten out of him.

One of my favourite things about the Injustice 2 character reveals, however, is how Ed Boon seems to have a lot of fun with his tweets afterward. While Swamp Things victory animation looks fantastic in the reveal trailer, it almost looks like Ed Boon and the team had other ideas for it…

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