Pirates will hit the deck in the next Hearthstone patch

After a good couple of weeks of fearing pirates, Blizzard is finally stepping in to lay down the law to these scallywags. It’s taken a bit of time but Blizzard has finally detailed what they plan to do in Hearthstone’s next update. Certain powerful cards will be hit with the nerf hammer while a welcome change will be coming to ranked play that should make players quite a bit happier.

First off in this new patch, the ranked ladder will soon have floors that will make the climb a little less stressful. From patch 7.1, reaching ranks 20, 15, 10 and 5 will mean that you can no longer drop any further past that rank. Currently, ranked players are never really ‘safe’ on the ladder and a bad spell could see them drop from rank 10 to rank 17, which is a terrible climb to try and make again. This change to ranked will alleviate the ladder anxiety some face and ultimately make the climb a lot more pleasant.

As for card nerfs, Spirit Claws won’t be pulled out as early anymore and Small-Time Buccaneer is going to find his way out of the big-time. Spirit Claws’ mana cost will be increased to 2 meaning that you won’t be able to play it turn one and potentially Hero Power into the spell damage totem anymore. This makes it a lot more manageable for players who will be on the receiving end while still potentially being stronger than a Fiery War Axe. The change to Small-Time Buccaneer will see his health go from 2 to 1 and thus become far easier to manage when he enters the board. At the moment, Small-Time Buccaneer is an auto-include card for any deck that runs weapons due to it being a trigger for Patches the Pirate as well as being quite resilient stats wise.

All-in-all, these are some welcome changes to Hearthstone that should shake things up a little before the next adventure. While we will have to wait until the end of the month for these changes to come, it should shake things up nicely going into the next ranked month and hopefully I won’t have to keep auto-conceding to Shamans.

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