Video: A fresh look at Farpoint and GT Sport being played using PS VR

Since the launch of Resident Evil 7 there have been many PS VR owners who walked away being very happy with their purchase, but up to that point most of the PS VR games consisted of tech demos. Yes, REZ and Thumper are both great titles, but there has not been enough games with substance. There are many titles in 2017 that promise that immersion, but there’s likely no other two games quite as focused on making PS VR awesome as it is with Farpoint and GT Sport.

Farpoint is Sony’s exclusive futuristic first-person shooter that will have you holding a piece of plastic in your hands to create the sense of realism. By now you might have seen a good few videos showing it off, but the real game many of us are after is GT Sport. We have been waiting for a new video to show off how it’ll all work and it looks like the standard racing VR experience and we have absolutely no clue what on earth the Japanese fellow is saying, but he seems impressed.

Both Farpoint and GT Sport do not have exact release dates, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see both games launching towards the latter part of 2017. For now you can watch this (and smile when you have no clue what he’s saying):

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