Ultra Street Fighter II let’s you hadouken in first-person

Even though Capcom decided to drop updated re-releases for Street Fighter V, they had to try and get the incessant need to do so out of their system somehow. The Nintendo Switch will receive an updated release of Street Fighter II in the form of Ultra Street Fighter II that will include not only updates to Street Fighter II but also a brand new first-person mode.

Titled “The Way of the Hado”, will allow players to fight from a first-person perspective against waves of enemies. You can check out the mode in action at the 2hr 57min mark here:

The video shows off players being able to do Ryu’s signature moves using the Joy-Con’s as motion controllers. Do an uppercut to pull off a Shoryuken and thrust your fists at the screen to throw a fireball to fend off waves upon waves of Shadaloo grunts. While the gameplay shown in the video did look a bit too janky, it’s still quite possible for Capcom to fix it up before the game releases.

What’s weird about it is that it uses the MT Framework engine from Street Fighter IV for this mode as well as Street Fighter IV assets. This could lead one to believe that Capcom might port over Ultra Street Fighter IV to the Switch, but that does seem a little far-fetched considering how they’ve put all their eggs in the Street Fighter IV basket. While the re-release of Street Fighter II still feels a little weird, hopefully, the changes made to the game can justify bringing back the over 20-year-old game.

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