Video: Here is a glimpse why earth is ours no more in Horizon Zero Dawn

March is approaching very quickly and on the very first day of that month you will be able to rush out to shops (or download the digital game) to get a look at what promises to be a major new first-party IP for Sony. Why is it that earth has been inhabited by these robots? What caused humanity to fail? It’ll all be answered in two weeks time.

To give you a short look at how nature overpowered all the man-made things of the world Guerrilla released a short video showing off how a modern-day city transformed into the world you’ll find yourself in Horizon Zero Dawn. Playing as Aloy you’ll discover why ‘Earth is ours no more’. This particular video comes with extended footage, and if you’re not getting just a little excited then you should consult your doctor… as your heart might be missing.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively for PS4 on 1 March.

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