Battlefield 1 is finally getting local servers

Battlefield 1 has been massively successful which was a surprise since they took a risk by setting a modern shooting game in World War 1. However, it really resonated with gamers and it is currently one of the biggest online FPS games out there and for good reason. Unfortunately, us South African folks have been left in the dust as we often are by not having any local servers which meant that our pings were not optimal even on fast lines which put a bit of a damper on the whole experience. Today we are the bearer of good news. South Africa, along with the Middle East and Hong Kong are getting dedicated local server support for Battlefield 1.

The servers will be up and running on the 21st of February at 15:00 with the help of EA and DICE. That means that we will finally get the smooth Battlefield 1 experience we’ve wanted for so long since the game’s release and it’s just around the corner as well.

Here’s what Alexander Hassoon, the Producer at DICE had to say:

[quote]We heard the community feedback loud and clear, so we are thrilled to announce we are bringing online game servers in these three regions for our Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players. We are committed to delivering the best experience for all our players worldwide and continue to monitor latency levels and geographical coverage for the Battlefield franchise.[/quote]

Local server support is so important for online gamers in South Africa because, well, we live on the other side of the world from all the major regions. It’s awesome that EA and DICE are hearing our pleas for local servers and finally implementing them.

See you on the Battlefield.

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