Final Fantasy XIV is finally getting the samurai class

It feels like every time new job classes are mentioned, people hop onto forums and ask for samurai. Fear not, your cries are finally being answered. In the Stormblood expansion, two new jobs will join the roster: red mage and samurai.

After playing the full Stormblood trailer at this weekend’s Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Frankfurt, Naoki Yoshida arrived on stage in full samurai outfit. He knows fans have been waiting for this.

The samurai is a melee DPS class that needs to build up energy in their katana to unleash special attacks. Choosing which special attack and when to unleash it will be part of mastering this class. The samurai job class has no prerequisites and start at level 50. They use monk armour, so you have time to collect a few pieces of gear to be ready for Stormblood. A lot of effort has been put into the weapons of the samurai, with unique scabbards for the katana, which is a nice touch.

Stormblood takes place on a new continent to the east, the home of the samurai. This isolationist nation will see the level cap rise to level 70 and introduce the second original primal to the game, Susano, Lord of the Revel.

Get ready for underwater cities, Japanese-styled cities and landscape and hordes of samurai everywhere. Also expect more complicated outfits, landscapes and more as the PS3 and 32 bit versions of FFXIV fall away with the arrival of Stormblood. The tentative release date is 20 June this year.

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