Horizon Zero Dawn runs just as well on standard PS4 as the PS4 Pro

One of the biggest concerns with the reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro was the impact on game development for the standard PS4. Sony has sold truckloads of the console, and some thought that developers might focus more on the extra power the Pro has on offer, leaving millions (including myself) with consoles that’s just not up to scratch.

Sony promised back then that this will not be the case, and thankfully that seems to be true, especially if you look at the Horizon Zero Dawn, which releases next week. The guys from Digital Foundry tested both versions.

The game aims for a smooth 30 frames per second, and it achieves that almost flawlessly with very few stutters and drops, which is barely noticeable on both consoles. The biggest difference between the consoles is the 4K output, which the Pro is capable of, while the standard PS4 runs at a 1080P resolution. So it makes no difference really, the PS4 Pro only gets a boost in resolution provided your display can handle it, and it apparently looks amazing.

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