Civilization 6 getting Australia and Steam Workshop support soon

Just when I think I’m out, Civilization 6 pulls me back in. For the first time in the franchises long and prolific history, Australia will be an official playable civilisation.

Australia’s leader will be the 14th Prime Minister, John Curtin. The First Look video below by the official Sid Meier’s Civilization YouTube account, which gives some very good background on him and his significance. The video also shows off the unique unit of the Digger, general bonuses unique to Civ, and finally the improved tile, the Outback Station. You can also check out the official blog post for some more information on Australia.

All of this will be available alongside what is being dubbed the Australian Summer 2017 update. While no official date has been given, it is coming “soon” according to the official Civilization blog. The big feature with this update is the inclusion of Steam Workshop support, essentially integrated mods from the Steam community. These are a joy to mess around with and if it is anything like Civilization 5, expect some fun and goofy Civs to be introduced. One such is example is the fantastic North Korea mod from 2013.

The blog post also explains some of the changes and fixes in this patch. These include trade routes, AI and unit upgrades. The Post details how this will be given more explanation and detail at a later time. This update will be completely free but Australia will be DLC, meaning you will have to pay up. If the previous DLC packs are anything to go by, expect R55 on the local Steam store.

Now, to set up a mod by which every time an Australian melee unit meets a Barbarian, a loud “You think that’s a knife?” starts playing. Truly Civilization is the gift that keeps on giving.

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