Super Cloudbuilt is parkouring its way to PC and consoles

Cloudbuilt, launched in 2014 for Windows PC, and was an interesting take on the then popular urban acrobatics act (parkour) mixed with Sci-fi shooter gameplay. Its emphasis was on the high paced speedrunning and high difficulty components of the game. You play as Demi, a young girl who suffered near fatal injuries in war and confined to a hospital bed in a comatose state. While in this condition, she’s able to explore a new world donning a rocket-powered Exoskeleton and energy gun. The entire experience is based on her own ways of dealing with her new physical and mental challenges.

Now, Coilworks and Double Eleven are reintroducing the game with Super Cloudbuilt, a sort of remastered version for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One due for release sometime in July 2017.

The Swedish indie studio mentioned that the repackaged version will include “all previous DLC levels” along with the “enhanced graphics, UI, and optimized gameplay,” with the addition of it being more intuitive for newcomers.

What do you guys think, up for a run, jump, skip and tumble?

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