Video: This is why Horizon Zero Dawn looks so good

When it comes to showing of the PlayStation hardware few games do it better than Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is a technical marvel with its breathtaking open-world that has no loading screens, but developers, Guerrilla Games, wanted to push the engine even further. In traditional open-world RPG games one area that gets over looked is the facial animations. Naturally, there is a lot going on in a massive open-world so its no wonder that often facial animations seem robotic, but in Horizon Zero Dawn that is not the case.

Over fifteen hours of motion capture was recorded to give the facial animations in Horizon Zero Dawn a realistic look to them. It certainly sets a new benchmark when it comes to character models and facial animations in an open-world RPG but don’t take my word for it, check out the developer diary below and see for yourself:

Source: PlayStation

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