Chris Redfield returns in Resident Evil 7 DLC

Chris Redfield who’s been one of two playable main characters in the original Resident Evil and many of its sequels that followed, will be included in a new episode titled Not A Hero, slated for release sometime during March-May 2017 as confirmed by Capcom.

“Who or what is he chasing? Find out soon in this separate story,”  That’s all we get from them so far in this teaser tweet:


If you’ve finished Resident Evil 7, you’ll know thaChris makes a cameo in that game, although brief and shrouded in mystery, identifying himself simply as “Redfield.” Seeing as he appears to be working with the Umbrella Corporation, people have speculated that it wasn’t actually THE Chris Redfield.

There’s been mixed responses from many fans surrounding the announcement of Chris appearing in Resident Evil 7’s DLC. Some feel that his mere appearance in the images shown dictates that it couldn’t possibly be the beefcake zombie slayer we all got to know in Resident Evil 5 and 6. And as mentioned before, Chris’ association with Umbrella adds to the speculation to which we hope there will be more details revealed in Not A Hero.
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