The Hearthstone Arena is going to see some much needed changes

As Hearthstone’s pool of cards increases it becomes a bit of a problem for the eternal formats. We can understand that the Wild format will have a smorgasbord of potential decks with some things being quite ridiculous, but that can be a problem for a drafting format. Not all cards are created equal so when you continue adding ‘bad’ cards to the drafting pool you’re going to start to see large discrepancies in drafting potential and you’re going to have a bad time. This is why in the next patch Blizzard is going to make a couple of changes to The Arena to make things a little more enjoyable in the future.

From patch 7.1 the only cards that will be available for drafting in the Arena will be from Standard while certain cards will also appear less frequently. This will be done to make mechanics and synergies that are added in later expansions feel far more impactful in Arena. As it stands, while Jade Golems can be fun to play, it’s almost impossible to draft enough of them to make them viable in Arena and we’ve seen this with other archetypes as well, such as the outright ban of C’thun cards.

These changes to Arena should make things far more interesting and make the format easier to play for beginners. I’ve always loved the process of drafting in trading card games but when you require players to have an intimate knowledge of your game’s entire card base things can get a bit much. I know this burden is why a lot of people don’t play Hearthstone’s Arena at the moment and I’m sure these changes will be welcomed by both current and new Arena players.


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