Elite: Dangerous delays its patch to squeeze in seven exoplanets

Elite: Dangerous has a lot of content modeled on our galaxy all around us and in keeping up with the latest developments, patch 2.3 has been delayed to add in seven exoplanets. Which exoplanets? The seven found orbiting Trappist-1.

The newly found star system will become a part of the game’s simulated galaxy, allowing players to visit the newly found star. It turns out the game already had a brown dwarf instead of an M8 where Trappist-1 is, 39 light years from Earth. “It’s Core Sys Sector XU-P a5-0. As luck would have it, it’s 39 light years away and roughly the right position. However, it’s a brown dwarf, not an M8,” said Frontier CEO David Braben.

Besides adding in newly discovered heavenly bodies, patch 2.3 brings three new features: multicrew, commander creator and an updated camera system. If you have played ED you know that the external view camera is slow and cumbersome, often taking a lot of movement to get the framing just right for that marvelous screenshot. Add in better controls and a few tools to help you take those pictures and expect a lot more sexy space photos from Elite: Dangerous players.

As the name suggests, multicrew will be the first time that you can have another person inside your spaceship. At the moment what the other commander can do is limited to controlling fighters or being the gunner. The bonus is that each guest crew member adds an extra “pip” for power management, meaning a large ship with guests will have more punch to make up for another ship not being present.

Of course you can’t have people on-board your ship and not know what they look like, right? The commander creator or “Holo-Me” lets you make an avatar to represent yourself in the game. It looks like a pretty comprehensive tool to help you get someone that looks like you, or perhaps a representation of how you wished you looked.

The Commanders update will leave beta in a few weeks, meaning I have a little while to remember how to pilot my ship and where I parked it.

Source: Ars Technica

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