PlayStation VR sales nearing a million

Virtual Reality has finally had time to settle into the world. As far as the technology goes, consumer level VR is still very much in the early stages. Despite this, PlayStation’s “Entry Level” Headset is doing pretty well for itself.

PlayStation head Andrew House told The New York Times that the Sony Exclusive VR headset has sold over 900,000 units. This number is putting the PSVR on track to meet the initial goal of one million in the first six months. However, this is definitely lower than the initial sales forecast.

This makes PSVR the highest-selling VR headset in the race between the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive according to UploadVR‘s numbers from earlier this month. While the sales numbers might not be driving the world wild, this is still the very early stages for consumer VR. As of now it is a hard sell unless you are big into fancy new gadgets, even then the asking price might be too much.

While there are a few standout games for the system, the prime example being Resident Evil VII, the future is looking a little barren with upcoming VR games. Oculus and Vive are still getting their indie by the numbers shovel ware, but even that well has diminished significantly over the months. Sony’s line-up is looking bleaker. With E3 just a few months away, there are big hopes that early adopters will have something to get excited about.

It is still good news that VR has placed a foothold on the market. Hopefully with more time and investments VR could be something worth taking note of. Until PSVR gets that “Killer App”, most players won’t make the gamble on still unproven VR in the gaming space.

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