Video: Wargroove is the closest you’re going to get to Advance Wars for quite some time

I can’t believe the Switch has no games.

Last night we got a pretty decent look at what indie developers have in store for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like the console has a solid year ahead. Many an interesting title and port were revealed and it definitely set some tongues wagging. Nintendo’s next console shows some incredible promise as an indie heaven and if indies continue to support it this way, I may actually take my Switch to a rooftop party sometime.

While many delightful titles were shown off, there was one that did stand out by looking quite familiar. It felt like we had seen it before, perhaps on previous Nintendo systems? This particular title looked like something we have experienced before, but at the same time made it fresh and exciting. This title is the interestingly named Wargroove, the medieval Advanced Wars (so Fire Emblem?) style.

Okay so maybe it’s not all that fair to compare it to those Nintendo titles but I didn’t expect to be interested in the game when I first heard the title. When Wargroove was announced on the Nindies stream I kind of expected a rhythm game with Vikings or something like that but after seeing the gameplay I can’t wait to get my hands on this Advanced Wars-inspired SRPG.

Wargroove will launch on the Nintendo Switch some time in 2017

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