Fortnite open-beta is coming next year

Fortnite has been in the pipeline for a long time. The free-to-play sandbox survival action game by Epic Games is planned to go into Open Beta next year.

Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games, announced that Fortnite was to release “within the next year” at his talk during the Game Developers Conference (GDC). He did not provide any sort of launch frame but told Polygon that Fortnite will most likely have a similar launch plan to that of their popular MOBA, Paragon. With an Open-Beta phase planned for 2018 that will probably be around for a while before a full release, giving time to tweak the game based on player data and feedback. It is also worth noting that plans have not changed from the initial Free-to-play model it was announced with.

Announced in 2011, many have assumed the worst due to the lack of information surrounding it. Despite being in Alpha and the odd news story reminding everyone that it did indeed exist, many forgot that Fortnite was still planned. The most recent development was confirmation last year that Fortnite was still a priority, but was taking a back seat to the then up-and-coming Paragon.

In the time since Fortnite’s reveal, the sandbox survival genre has boomed to a point that the allure is hardly as strong as it was over five years ago. With the big hitters like Rust and DayZ, does Fortnite have the ability to sustain itself? In a crowded market, Fortnite needs to bring something to keep players engaged. The game still looks like it could be fun, so we are crossing fingers the wait proved worth it.

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