Like platformers that push your precision to the brink? You need to see Celeste

Are you into platformers? Games like Super Meat Boy test your limits, pushing you to be faster and faster, learning from deaths and moving on with improved timings. If frenetic wall combos, air dashes and pinpoint accuracy are your thing, you need to keep an eye on Celeste.

Celeste is a game about climbing a mountain, a mountain that for some reason is bristling with spikes. Each level is a small puzzle and dying resets you to the beginning of the puzzle, meaning death is inconvenient, but it doesn’t set you back too far, just long enough for you to cluck your tongue and work on getting the rhythm right. For those who enjoy indie titles, Celeste is made by the people that brought us Towerfall.

Celeste will be available on PlayStation 4, Steam and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Source: Kotaku

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