Hope you like fresh starts, Destiny 2 will reset your characters

Destiny is a strange game with a very interesting history. It gained massive popularity through its pretty clever hype campaigns and the fact that the former Halo developers, Bungie, were developing it also gave it some much-needed push. When it released, it was a little barebones. It’s a beautiful game, the gameplay is smooth and responsive, but it had so little substance. The narrative might as well have not been there it was so little and the content relied on doing the same thing a hundred times to get a purple weapon. Many people, including myself, wrote off Destiny during its first months.

However, people were strangely addicted to the game and following some substantial updates and expansions, it started becoming the game we envisioned it would be, piece by piece. Not enough to be revolutionary, but enough to keep people hooked for a while to come.

The game had a 10-year plan which is a bit audacious, to say the least. 10 years is a freakishly long time. Hell, I was starting high school 10 years ago. It seems they have abandoned that notion now with the announcement that Destiny 2 is coming soon and it will be a sort of fresh start for the franchise. A fresh start in more ways than one since they have now announced that all Destiny characters you may have in the original will be reset for the sequel. All levels, equipment, currency, special skins and so on will all be gone and you’ll start again with a clean slate.

The good news is that you’ll be able to retain your character’s appearance. That is your character’s hair, skin, markings and so forth. You’ll also receive special awards for your achievements in the original.

This does make sense and I’m in support of them starting over and giving everyone a fresh start. Destiny has run its course at this point and it was inevitable that they will release a Version 2.0 that addresses some of the misfirings of the original and makes a fully refined experience out of the fantastic world and designs of the franchise. Sometimes you have to burn something down in order to make something beautiful and all that.

Source: Kotaku

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