Video: Here is the first 13 minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda in 4K

Believe it or not, some people prefer to watch games being played than actually playing it themselves. I have met many people that will watch entire playthroughs from start to finish over a week or two and if you fall into that category then this video is for you. Personally I prefer playing the game myself and therefore I have not watched the below video that Bioware have just released showing off the first 13 minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda running in 4K at 60FPS, so I can’t tell you if it’s something special or not.

For those of you that would rather wait for the game to come out before seeing the first minutes of the game you won’t have to wait much longer as the release date of March 23rd is just around the corner. If you feel that is just too far away and want a quick Mass Effect: Andromeda fix then check out the first 13 minutes of the game below.

Source: IGN

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