Video: Just Dance 2017 Switch trailer does some potentially dangerous stuff with a bus

Is it unfair to say that Just Dance is the natural evolution of Dance Dance Revolution that just isn’t as appealing? I can understand the appeal of a rhythm game where you have to actually have to dance but unfortunately, I’m more of a Persona 4: Dancing All Night kind of dancer. I mean I might be far more interested in Just Dance if they threw in the investigation team but I also think putting Persona in anything makes it better so I probably shouldn’t be allowed opinions.

Just Dance 2017 has been out for quite some time now but considering it was one of the first games announced for the Nintendo Switch it should probably get a unique trailer for the console. This Switch trailer shows off how well the game works on the new Nintendo console but it does pose a couple of questions…

I’m pretty sure people shouldn’t be doing that on a bus. I don’t want to be a wet blanket but I feel like it’s a major health and safety violation and the bus driver is being pretty negligent by just bobbing his head along to the chaos taking place behind him. At the same time, all of that could have been avoided if the family didn’t let their punk child take the Switch in the first place. It’s a rather selfish move that has posed a great threat to society but while the plot of this trailer has many problems, at least the music is catchy.

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