For Honor patch released for PS4 and Xbox One

For Honor received a patch 1.03 last week for the PC version of the game. Due to the delay based on how long the patch took in certification, PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait just a few hours longer.

The update roll-out is slotted to begin 3pm today with expected servers maintenance for about 15 minutes. Seeing as the PC download size for the patch came to around 4GB, we should expect the same for both consoles respectively.

The PC version of the patch included balance changes for many of the in-game characters, including Peacekeeper, Berserker, Conqueror, Valkyrie, as well as Feat updates introduced to some of them. The Guardbreak will now function similar to that of what we experienced in the beta, which is arguably the biggest change the update has to offer. Whether all these issues and changes have been addressed for the console versions is another story, as we are yet to receive patch notes on them.

Maybe they’ve sorted out connection issues for online play, maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see.

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