NieR Automata’s “Death is Your Beginning” launch trailer sets a beautiful tone

NieR Automata is closely upon us! The sequel to one of the most overlooked gems of the seventh generation is releasing locally in just two days. Publisher Square Enix decided to unload a final launch trailer to remind everyone why they should give this game a chance.

The trailer shows off some of the accolades the game has been getting from reviewers, which has been pretty good. The combat, which has been handled by Platinum Games, has been getting general praise alongside the lunacy only Director Yoko Taro can bring to the table.

The trailer also shows off some wild locations and designs, all to the tune of some beautiful music that is so distinctly NieR it hurts. It will be very interesting to see how the game handles the events following the original game, especially after where some of those endings go. Many a NieR fan believed this day would never come but it seems that hope is sometimes well worth it.

The PlayStation 4 version is set for release on March 10th for Europe while PC players will get the chance to dive in on March 17th.  Get ready to dodge some big red balls!

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