(Update)PS4 firmware update 4.50 releases tomorrow, brings along welcome features

I just deleted XCOM 2 off my hard drive to make space for another game. This has been a common problem for many of us peasants who are stuck with a 500GB hard drive or even a 1TB hard drive. Games are massive and we need more space. Xbox has had external HDD support for years and PS4 has only just thought that it might be a good idea. Thankfully they realised this and the update to implement it is dropping tomorrow along with a host of other features.

You can read the full list of added features here and here. The highlights include HDD support for the PS4, like I raved about above, custom wallpapers so that you can add hot women/dudes and shiny cars to your home screen, improvements to the quick menu that was implemented in the last update, Boost mode for PS4 Pro which makes the framerate and performance for many older games that do not have the PS4 Pro patch much smoother as well as some updates to the social features.

The update will roll out tomorrow on the 9th of March. It is unsure at what exact time it will be available, but expect it throughout the day. There is no information about the size of the update, but you can expect a large download. We will update the article once that information is available.

Update: The firmware update is available now and is 339.9 MB in size.

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