Don’t expect to see a penis in Conan Exiles Xbox One version

You remember Conan Exiles, the one with the penis slider? Well, it turns out that the dong won’t make an appearance on console, at least on the Xbox One. Turns out that Microsoft is not exactly down with nudity, so you can pretty much forget about ever creating a custom length peen for your character if the game ever comes out on console.

No specific reason is given, but it may be down to localisation. According to Kotaku, the game will be banned in Japan simply because they won’t allow a penis in a game.

I do think it’s rather cute that mass murder, drugs, ‘fantasy violence’, theft and swearing is a regular occurrence in video games, but the line is drawn at penis. Considering 50% of the global population has one, I think they need to ease up a little and just slap an 18 rating on the damn game.

Anyway, I’d be interested to find out what Sony thinks about it. We have seen a penis on full display in Sony Exclusive The Order 1886, so maybe they’ll have the balls to put the peen in a console game.

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