Video: The King of Fighters XIV is getting whipped into shape with a new DLC character

Personally, I don’t think The King of Fighters XIV needs DLC. The game came out as a complete package that offered far more than another big fighting game release 2016. SNK has even gone as far as to overhaul the game’s heavily criticised graphics in a recent update, which may have broken online play for a while but we’ll let that bit slide. The King of Fighters XIV may not be one of the most popular fighting games available at the moment but it totally should be.

SNK has given The King of Fighters XIV a lot of love but it’s supporting the game even further with some more DLC. We’ve already seen the DLC costumes that are to be added but here is our first look at the first DLC character for the game.

Whip first joined the King of Fighters series in King of Fighters ’99 and has been sort of on and off with the series since. Wielding her whip, Whip looks to bring the beatdown in some rather interesting ways with a rather good theme song to set the mood. Whip will release on the 5th of April and will cost about R50 locally. While Whip may not have been the first character people wanted added, there are still two more characters coming to the game that have yet to be announced.

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