Get ready to be a slugcat on March 28

What is a slugcat? It sounds disgusting, but look how cute that critter is! Slugcat is the star of Rain World, a 2D post-apocalyptic survival game where you control a creature on the lower end of the food chain.

Rain World is a desolate place with limited resources and developer Videocult says the map has more than 1,600 rooms so there is a lot to find, hunt down and discover in the urban ruins.

What makes slugcat so amazing to watch it his fluid animations. Videocult says the movement animations are procedurally generated, giving his jumps and landings diversity. It is mesmerising. Rain World releases on PC and PS4 on March 28. The game was previously mentioned for PS Vita, but no date for that release has been mentioned.

Source: Eurogamer

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