Resident Evil Revelations is now coming to PS4 and Xbox One

There is no way that Capcom can surprise us with news of a new remaster being released. This is the case with Resident Evil Revelations which they’ve just announced, will be brought to the current console generation. According to the official Resident Evil Twitter account, the game will be released in our spring time later this year, which is popular time for games to get released.

Despite not being surprised by the remaster, I am quite delighted that it will make an appearance on the PS4. I’ve played the game on its original console release, the 3DS, and I’ve played the remaster on PS3 and Xbox  360. It was a great return to old Resident Evil games compared to the all out action in Resident Evil 5 and 6. It also featured new and interesting characters, and a variety of playable characters within the game. Jill Valentine leads this game with Chris Redfield showing up later to provide some support.

Since the PS3 and Xbox versions already have the full game, I doubt the new versions will have any additional content. Capcom could possibly add more costumes, but I highly doubt they will. If they did, I’d bet you they’d make you pay it. More info is to follow, but what they have to say about it is anyone’s guess.

Source: Destructoid

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