Rocket League gets another new mode – for free

Rocket League, the crazy car soccer game that released in 2015, is back at it again with another new mode called ‘Dropshot’.

Dropshot is a type of Volleyball, where the goal is to break the floor of the opponent’s half of the field by hitting hexagonal plates and shooting the ball through the exposed areas. Once you manage to score, the opponent’s floor resets while your floor stays broken up until the opponent scores. What’s more is that Psyonix has made the mode, along with the Dropshot arena, available to everyone for free:

[quote]Break, Shoot, Score! Our electrifying FREE new mode, Dropshot, arrives on March 22! Enter ‘Core 707,’ an all-new arena where traditional scoring is turned on its side as players smash through the floor to score. At launch, you can experience the mode for yourself in its own playlist, in addition to Private and Exhibition matches. [/quote]

Dropshot along with some other content and changes such as Achievements/Trophies will become available from 22 March.

Source: Rocket League

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