StarCraft Remaster rumoured to be revealed soon

As it does every few months, the long rumoured StarCraft Remaster is back up again although this time, it seems like it is hitting closer than many imagined.

Sports Seoul is reporting [via TeamLiquid] that StarCraft Remaster (which is the official name) is coming in the next few months, estimating a May or June release. This would be simply a visual upgrade with no changes to original gameplay from StarCraft: Brood War. The announcement of the game however might be a lot closer with Sports Seoul claiming it might even be next week.

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While a remaster of any game is always a good way of getting some sales based on the reverence for the game, StarCraft Remaster is a lot more significant. South Korea was always a crucial market to Blizzard, but unfortunately StarCraft 2 was never a fitting replacement.

PC Gamer did an amazing write-up last year that chronicles why StarCraft 2 never hit the same peaks as its predecessor. StarCraft was huge in South Korea to the point it became a parody of itself at times. From high stakes gambling to match fixing cases.

StarCraft Remaster is likely an attempt to bring back the disillusioned Korean fans, to give the market a reason to come back after League of Legends became popular. StarCraft 2 is not going anywhere, but to appease a sizeable market, a remaster of the original game via would only be a benefit to Blizzard.

Sports Seoul made this focus on the Korean market clear. They are reporting that the game will be announced in Korea and Blizzard is in talks now for some large scale ceremonies close to launch. While they were not as clear on the announcement date, they report it is not far off.

As a casual fan, it is nice to get the chance to replay StarCraft with some new visual flair. Going through the campaign is always a fun ride. My big hope out of this is that Warcraft 3 gets the same treatment but unfortunately, that never had the same pull the juggernaut of StarCraft did.

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