The Caligula Effect – Story Trailer

Dust off your Vita as its receiving another JRPG in EU and NA this May 2017. The Caligula Effect was originally released in June 2016 in Japan and is now making its way DIGITALLY to the Vita in the West.

I have to admit, from watching the trailer another video game series instantly comes to mind, Persona. Although the story for The Caligula Effect was written by Tadashi Satomi who also worked on the first three Persona titles. The title of the game originates from a psychological term “Caligula effect” which refers to an effect that makes people want to do and see things that are prohibited. The Caligula Effect follows the story of a group of high school students trapped in a virtual world. Upon realising this they form a group to try and escape but have to not only fight through other crazed brainwashed students but go up against the artificial intelligence holding them prisoner in the digital world known as Mobius.

The Caligula Effect is slated to hit EU and NA on the 2nd of May 2017.

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