Video: Friday the 13th gets extremely graphic trailer

If you have seen the Friday the 13th movies you will know that they certainly are not for kids. Serial killer Jason likes to walk around chopping people up with his machete and by the looks of it the game is no different. We got our first look at Friday the 13th: The Game and its gory gameplay last year and now developers Gun Media have just released a brand new trailer showing off a montage of some new very graphic and brutal executions. Friday the 13th is a multiplayer game that sees one player fill the shoes of Jason while the other players run around as soon to be victims. The game will also be playable single player with bots I assume, and it should be out later this year.

Check out the trailer below that shows off not only some new executions but some new locations to,o it is very graphic so you have been warned.

Source: Gun Media

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