Calm down, the Injustice 2 microtransactions are only for cosmetics

Netherrealms, the creators of Mortal Kombat X and Injustice: Gods Among Us, have had some seriously weird microtransaction models in their fighting games. Mortal Kombat X, for example, allowed you to buy “Easy Fatalities” which were simple button prompts that were much easier than the often complicated Fatality moves. Not only that, you could spend real money to unlock everything in the Krypt which features unlockable extras, costumes etc. that you previously had to spend coins on. Quite the strange systems in order to squeeze a little more money out of their games.

Injustice 2 isn’t safe from microtransactions and they have announced that there will be a premium currency called “Source Crystals”. You can only buy this currency with real money, but the crystals will mostly be for cosmetic changes. You’ll be able to buy premium skins, shaders for a character’s outfit and get something called Transform Gear which will allow you to keep the gear with all of its stats, but give a character the visual look that you want.

There’s also the ability to boost levels and once you reach level 20 with one character, you can choose to boost another character to level 20 using this currency. Netherrealms have stressed, however, that this will not affect gameplay and this currency is not “pay-to-win” which is at least some consolation.

Nobody likes microtransactions. They’re often dumb and the stuff you pay for should have been in the game already that you get through unlocks. But when it’s cosmetics and doesn’t affect the gameplay of the title itself, it can at least be somewhat excusable.

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