Cancelled Primal Rage sequel is now available online

There is always a sense of wonderment when a lost game somehow becomes available. This time, it is a sequel to one of those overlooked gems during the Fighting Game heyday. Primal Rage 2 was cancelled not long after announcement but now players have a chance for monster madness via emulation.

Despite the ROM file being available for some time, the biggest complication was that no emulator could run it. Even the juggernaut of MAME was unable to properly read the file. Now a YouTuber named Gruntzilla94 decided to release an Emulator (their own MAME version) that could run the lost game, which they dubbed MAME4RAGE2. You can download it here.

It is still not perfect and Gruntzilla94 will be working to remove any remaining issues, but the game is playable. Check out a video of streamer owlnonymous playing the game(via Kotaku) below.

For those out of the loop of just what the hell Primal Rage is all about, it was a Claymation fighting game released in 1994. While easy to mark it off as another Mortal Kombat clone at the time, the style and gameplay were both quite striking. It bears a resemblance to the popular Rare fighting game Killer Instinct although both would release in 1994. Essentially Primal Rage is a Kaiju 2D fighter with all the furnishings of a 90’s fighting game: excessive gore, Fatalities and a kick ass soundtrack. Over the years since its release, it got ported to many a home console including the PlayStation.

A sequel was announced in 1995 and planned for a 1996 release. Unfortunately, publisher Atari canned the project after concerns it would not be profitable. The big feature of Primal Rage 2 was the ability to change from human to beast, unlike the first game where only the latter was playable.

This entire project is very exciting as not only a fan of Primal Rage but as a lover of the medium. There was a chance that Primal Rage 2 could never have seen the light of day and been nothing but a footnote on a story. Now everyone has the chance to check out what many believed was lost.

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about, go grab that emulator and begin the bloodbath! When I was a wee lad, one of those few arcade pleasure was getting health by eating the background villagers. It’s the little things in life.

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